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What used to be a monthly global macro blog written by Jon Turek, will now be published twice a week. Having worked at a global macro fund, I now run my own research firm, JST Advisors. JST Advisors works closely with hedge funds on developing macro trade ideas and also publishes the Cheap Convexity blog on Substack.

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Cheap Convexity is a global macro newsletter with a focus on global central banking and macro-economic themes. There are two key elements to the intersectionality between global markets and central bankers. One of course is in actual policy (rates, QE etc.), but more and more the key interaction between markets and central bankers is through forward guidance and other forms of communication. The goal of Cheap Convexity is not only deconstruct central bank reaction functions but to tie them into what they mean for markets. As policy continues to play such a crucial role in the path of markets, central banks and fiscal policy matter for all market participants and not just macro players. Between evaluating growth, policy and the reaction function of policy makers, Cheap Convexity hopes to find asymmetric opportunities based on these very important variables.

A subscription to read my twice a week blog is $25 per month.

Recent media appearances: Bloomberg, Real Vision, Macro Hive.

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